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Pangu Industrial Park, Liuji Town, Yizheng, Jiangsu Province, China 211407

Tel: 0086-177-2111-2083
Email: russia@harbingerindustry.com





Harbinger factory is located in the west of Yangzhou city,  with 8km distance to the city center.
There are numerous options to reach our factory from different transportation hubs.
From Yangzhou Taizhou Airport Airport:
Approx. 30 mins by car.

From  Nanjing Lukou Airport:
Approx. 80 mins by car.
From Shanghai HongQiao Railway Station:
Approx. 60 mins by express train to Zhenjiang South railway station, and another 30 mins to factory by car.
From Shanghai HongQiao (SHA) Airport or Pudong(PVG) Airport:
Please take express train at Hongqiao railway station as above.



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